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THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (9th August 2020 – 16th August 2020) with Tarots!

Welcome to this week's blog, where through Tarot cards and Oracles we will explore the energies of the week that is about to begin!

… Let’s get started!!🤍💜

At the beginning of the week we find ourselves interfacing with the energy of the SUN.

This card announces good fortune, but also clarity, transparency and the ability to assert ourselves, i.e. to learn to recognize both our merits and our faults, therefore, to act on our present with harmony and awareness!

The sun shows us to act in the sunlight, without fear, but with courage and by believing in ourselves.

In addition to this card, the oracle of the mirror comes to our aid. It asks us to learn to understand our emotions and reactions! What or who turns us on, changes our mood?

Learn to let emotions flow and understand them, it’s really important for a life of harmony and love!

In the middle of the week we have the energy of the POPE.

This figure represents the master and the teaching, the wisdom that is in us but that we can also receive from our guides. It could also be a male figure, of relevance to us, that could give us the opportunity to make important reflections. Initially this lesson of our ego might not be accepted, but let us remember that every situation can be for our evolution an incredible step towards immense knowledge! In aid of this card we have the oracle of "the Ever-Unfolding Rose", which reminds us of our Inner Rose that is blooming!... And that tells us that what it is happening is for us, not to us!

In the last part of the week we have the energy of the WORLD!

This card represents the completion of a cycle! In fact, it is the last Major Arcana and expresses the completion of both a Spiritual and Material cycle, which will allow us to begin a "new life" thanks to what we have learned in this cycle.

So it is important to treasure what we have learned in order to truly begin to row towards the purpose of our soul.

It is a card of prosperity, serenity and perfection.

In aid of your understanding, within this week, we have the oracle "Answer the Call", which draws our attention to the question "What is your soul calling you to do?

So this weekend, let us devote ourselves to meditation, to finding ourselves and to understanding, therefore, inwardly what our path is. Let us act with the benefit of the Sun Energy and take charge of our lives!

This will not be an easy week, it will test us and probably make us waver with the knowledge that will come to us. It is really important, therefore, to remain open and receptive to the teachings and to allow us to listen and be in tune with our Higher Self!

Let us align ourselves with the energy of Love!

Have a wonderful week! …and for more information and therapies go see my Online Services!

With Harmony and Peace!


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