• Chiara Tunesi


THE ENERGY OF THE WEEK THAT AWAITS US (5 July 2020 – 12 July 2020) with Tarots!

Hi guys, I'm very happy to be here and to question the tarot cards about the energy of the week we're about to face!

...Let us begin!✨

Also this week will be prosperous and kissed by the energy of the Sun that will bring light and understanding on issues that will help us to evolve and let go of what we no longer need. This will also be facilitated by the presence of the Eclipse in Capricorn on July 4th!

The issues on which we are asked to focus our attention are:

- THE BONDS, i.e. learning how to establish healthy bonds and understand the importance of knowing how to set boundaries to protect ourselves both in relationships, with additions and also in work!

We learn to love each other and to give ourselves time back.

It is important to learn not to sacrifice ourselves, but to love ourselves so much that we allow us time to live in LOVE and POSITIVITY. We learn to say no to what is not in line with our Higher Self, with our Consciousness! Simply in this way we will be able to establish bonds that are healthier and more in line with ourselves!

- ALIGN OUR LIFE, that is, listen to both our body and our spirit. What are they telling us?

Let's try to stop and really understand what our needs are.

Where is there misalignment? Do we feel tired? Are we asking too much of our body? What do we put into our bodies?

Then... Let´s stop and meditate, let´s listen, let go of the emotions we feel the need to release! Inside of us we have all the answers we need at all times!

Let's try to find the true meaning of our life, what really makes us happy! Not that superficial idea that society inculcates and imposes on us that it should be our dream or meaning of life.

Let us dig within ourselves and find the beating heart of our lives!

Some good ways to start realigning ourselves in addition to Meditation are Reiki, Akashic Registers with Akashic Healing, but also Tarot and Art Therapy! (✨Go to check my Online Services, maybe you could find something that interests you!✨)

- THE INNER TEMPLE, let us learn to take time to cultivate our inner rose! Let us align ourselves with the portal of our heart, let us vibrate love!

Every answer lies in our heart, in Love.

Let us learn to give and receive love! Let us dedicate words and thoughts of love to ourselves, to the Universe and to every living and non-living being!

The shift of energies we feel is real! We are entering a new dimension of love, so let go the old, the grudges, the disagreements and learn to respond with love and positivity.

Let us elevate our frequencies to a state of love!

This is a week of self-discovery and love for ourselves and others, ...let's make good use of it!

Lots of Love and Light!


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