• Chiara Tunesi

A Christmas Message! 🎄

🎄✨Merry Christmas!✨🎄

For these days, with family or away from it, with all this turmoil in the world, I would like to bring a simple and understanding message about feelings.

In many cases, during our lives, we close ourselves in a shell and limit our feelings, and the way we perceive emotions, because of traumas or moments that come from our direct experiences or that are external to us.

But by entering the Fifth dimension, we are asked to release these blocks, fears and learn to feel again. Recognize and accept the emotions we feel, good or bad, because each of them is a piece of the puzzle that allows us to understand and love more and more our here and now!

Everything that we have repressed for years, it is important that it is accepted, understood and let go: only in this way we can enter firmly into this wonderful fifth dimension. Simply by facing what can be a difficulty, a sadness, a pain, and simply by passing through the darkness we can see the light, savoring it and understanding it in its total beauty.

With this message, I wish you that you can feel so many emotions in a deep way this Christmas, and that you can draw them out as well!

Express yourself and love! This is a time when you can give birth to new awareness! Meditate, contemplate and love…! So may you have a wonderful, exciting and loving Christmas! With Love Chiara

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