In this moment of cosmic transformation, in which our existences are constantly changing, there is more need than ever of a collective awakening. 

It allows each of us to be free to live our lives without blockages, in harmony with the Universe and Mother Earth.


Each one of us is full of facets that need to be loved and cared for by filling them with Light.



Knowing To Love, Loving To Know.


Lots of Light




Hi! My name is Chiara, I'm Italian and I've been living in Berlin for about two years.

Since childhood I have always loved art, and this passion of mine led me to become a photographer.

Another love, which I have always had, is for mysticism, which I have developed over the years, becoming a Lightworker.

Although I was very young, when my interest in spirituality began to mature, it was still a great inspiration, becoming, over time, a light in the dark.

It is this luminous flame that has allowed me to go through complex and hard phases of my life.

Later I decided to learn more, to learn and understand the infinite facets of this source of light, not only for myself but also to be able to support others in their life paths. This, therefore, led me to obtain various certifications in different disciplines (see below).


©2020 by Chiara Tunesi.

reiki level I

certification Reiki Level I