My Mission

In this moment of cosmic transformation, in which our existences are constantly changing, there is more need than ever of a collective awakening. 

Therefore, my mission is to help people live their existence in a more conscious way, truly remembering who they are, by supporting their consciences in the transition back to 'home'! 
Thus, enabling everyone to understand deeply that we are not just a body, or a mind… We are so much more! We are infinite beings of Light!


Each one of us is full of facets that need to be loved and cared for by filling them with Light.



Knowing To Love, Loving To Know.


Lots of Light



Introduction to Myself...

Hi! My name is Chiara and I am an Italian girl who has been living in Berlin for a few years!

I am a photographer and mysticist! My dedication to spirituality and art began as a child! And these two passions have led me to become both a photographer and a Lightworker!

I was very young, when my interest in spirituality began to mature, and until now it has always been a great inspirational path, helping me through all the phases of my life.

Indeed it is this luminous flame that has allowed me to go through complex and hard phases of my life.

The first mystical arts I approached were Tarot and Palmistry. Later I became an Akashic Records reader, Reiki Master and Coach.


Berlin - World wide

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