Life Coach Sessions

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What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a person who helps you to focus on long and short term goals, to gain a clearer vision of your life in order to realise your full potentials.
We work on blocks, anxieties, problems, but also on joy, love, happiness… we aim to rediscover your whole self!

Three possible pathways...


During my studies, I specialized in three forms of Coaching:


  • Tarot Coaching, aimed at processing blocks, finding your life mission, helping you to find clarity and more light in your daily life. .. and above all, finding your ESSENCE, through the help of Tarot!


  • Mindfulness Life Coaching, aimed at empowering you to re-claim your life and achieve your goals, thus learning to live in the HERE and NOW through meditation, gratitude practices and much more…

  • Art Therapy Life Coaching, aimed at reducing stress and confusion, leading you to a lighter, more harmonious and colorful vision of life! Through simple drawing techniques as well as photography, you will rediscover light and beauty both within yourself and beyond!

A coaching program varies from 1 to 10 sessions!

Find out more in the Book Now section or write to me, I am more than happy to listen and get to know you!

With Love and Light,