Born in Genoa in 1994, my passion for photography began at the age of six, when my father, for the first time, made me use his camera.
Subsequently through the study paths I faced, I was able to get even closer to the art world. During my journey I got to know various illuminated photographers who helped me to find my own photographic style of expression. Great mention to the Great Master Franco Fontana, to whom I owe a lot for his help and support in finding myself through photography.
Photography for me is a great means of expression, a unique medium of its kind with which it is my duty, as artist, to help, raise awareness and love in those who looks at my art work. Thus allowing the observer to be able to develop his own sensitivity in his own way.
This is the purpose of my photography: helping, loving and making people understand the beauty of everything that surrounds us.


2016, Photo Contest "40 anni Ramoge - Il Mediterraneo ed i suoi molteplici aspetti" Premio "Coup de Coeur", Montecarlo, Principality of Monaco;

2016, "Italia Photo Marathon" - Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, Italy;

2016, "Tracce", Lavagna - Sala Albino, Genoa, Italy;

2017, "Mostra collettiva allievi corso professionale dell´Universitá di Genova", Genoa, Italy - Il Polo della Fotografia;

2018, "Dettagli", Genova - Il Polo della Fotografia, Genoa, Italy;

2018, "Dettagli", Lavagna - Sala Albino, Genoa, Italy;

2019, Biennial Art Prize "Aurelio Galleppini" - first Classified, Institute of Art "G.V. Luzzati" Chiavari, Genoa, Italy;


2019, Landscape Exhibition at The Brick Lane Gallery, Brick Lane, London.


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